Put Down Roots with Woodland Creation

Discover how tree planting with Humber Forest can benefit your land and business.

There is no better time to start your tree planting journey.


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Reap the rewards of woodland creation

When you plant trees you’re improving your land, enriching biodiversity and the wider environment and investing in your business in the long-term, all far-reaching benefits that work hand-in-hand with food production.

The benefits for your business

Plant trees on your land and you could go on to generate additional income through activities such as harvesting trees for timber, producing wood for fuel and other wood products, selling carbon units, and designing woodland for recreation and leisure use.

The benefit for your land

Woodland creation can enhance your land, helping you to:

  • boost biodiversity
  • provide shelter for livestock
  • manage soil and nutrient losses
  • increase productivity by combining trees with crops and livestock for healthier soil, which could lead to more sustainable yields
  • provide a natural form of flood management and improve water quality
  • reduce erosion
  • cut farm pollution

The benefit for the environment

Woodlands absorb harmful gases, improving air quality for you and for the Humber Forest. They act as a natural ‘carbon sink’ by removing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping tackle climate change.

By making smaller woodlands bigger or connecting existing woodlands with one another you can help connect habitats and encourage wildlife corridors, boosting nature recovery.

The need for trees to be planted has never been greater. By investing in woodland, you can maximise the potential of your land and help to change England’s treescape for the better.


Humber Forest provide funding, where possible, for tree planting projects within the boundaries of the Humber Forest.

Our grants cover large and small projects (minimum 0.1hectares depending on location) and all agreed costs of tree planting, hedgerow creation, and maintenance for up to 5 years. They can also include support for tree protection, fences, gates and more.

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