Frodingham Grange

Local farmer plants new woodland for biodiversity and a lasting legacy

Local farmer, Rob Meadley, has created a new woodland in memory of his father, Phil. He approached Humber Forest at a local agricultural show. We worked closely with Rob to make sure the woodland design was what he wanted. ‘I was very impressed with the Humber Forest team and the experience has been great from start to finish,’ explained Rob. ‘It takes away a lot of the paperwork from busy farmers and landowners.’

Assisted by members of PATT Foundation, including The Green Task Force, Corporate volunteers and staff from Humber Forest, the trees were planted over the course of a few days. The design was developed with Humber Forest and Rob to make sure it complemented the work already carried out on the farm.

The total area of the site includes 1.91 hectares of native woodland with a ride and shrub layer to blend in with the hedges around it. It will be a significant addition to the landscape here.

Summary of the project

In 2023 the idea of a woodland to further enhance the farm and stand as a legacy for Phil was brought to Humber Forest. Rob had already selected suitable sites for the large parcel and a smaller woodland. The smaller woodland near to the busy A165 road had problems with drainage and was an awkward shape to farm. The trees there will help with noise and pollution reduction from the road. The larger parcel will act to connect the farm and create shelter for wildlife in the open fields. It will eventually add to the landscape and fit well into the farm plan.

There is also a climate mitigation element as the trees will capture carbon and help with nature recovery. A resilient mix of native broadleaved trees were planted including Downey Birch, Alder, Pedunculate Oak, Hornbeam, Wild cherry, Field Maple, Crab Apple and Hazel among others. This will ensure there is a larder of fruit and nuts for wildlife and create an attractive woodland. Careful planting will ensure wetter areas are managed.

Volunteers from a local paper manufacture company were involved with the planting alongside employed staff.  Maintenance will be carried out for the next five seasons to establish the trees, so there will be a significant economic impact in the local area.

This project may encourage neighbours to look at woodland creation on their land.

Project impact

Natural flood management and water quality: The woodland is close to drains so will reduce the speed of
run-off and slow the flow during heavy rain periods.

Enhancing wildlife: The site features a new diverse woodland connecting with existing habitats to create an improved wildlife haven. The rides will increase biodiversity and edge effect so important to breeding insects and birds.

Contribution to Net Zero: The project is expected to capture approximately 600 tonnes of carbon.

Engagement, health and wellbeing: The establishment of this woodland will allow any visitors to experience a special place planted as a legacy for Phil. It will comfort the family. Volunteers and staff had great fun and a feeling of satisfaction planting the trees.

Employment and skills: PATT Foundation and Green Task Force help veterans from across East Yorkshire to find positive pathways through recovery, training and employment to work within the Green Economy.

“The project was aimed at increasing the biodiversity and connectivity across the farm and will be a lasting legacy for my father.”

Rob Meadley, landowner of Frodingham Grange

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