New hedgerow in Alkborough

Planting hedgerow to benefit wildlife

Local farmer, Gavin Ogg has been wanting to improve his land for wildlife and climate mitigation for some time. He could see the importance of using hedgerow and trees as a means of improving biodiversity, improving connectivity of the local landscape and for flood resilience.

Assisted by members of TCV Hull, including volunteers from North Lincs Council and staff from Humber Forest, the trees were planted over the course of eight days.

The total length of hedgerow planted was over 2000 metres and will be a significant addition to the landscape.

Summary of the project

Gavin approached Humber Forest and asked if we could help plant hedgerow to help wildlife recovery and improve the local environment.

Planting took place over 8 days across 4 sites. A total length of 2006m of hedgerow was planted consisting of 10030 saplings and 122 standard trees.

The hedgerows will provide a safe habitat for wildlife to nest, breed, hibernate and travel, and offer a crucial food source in months of scarcity. The diverse range of plant life in hedges will also help combat climate change by storing carbon in their vegetation.

When choosing the varieties to plant, native plant species, hawthorn, blackthorn, dogrose, alder buckthorn, field maple and witch elm, were chosen for the hedgerow as they are important for attracting UK wildlife. Gavin was also keen to plant standard trees within the hedgerow. Pedunculate oak, silver birch, wild cherry, rowan and hornbeam were chosen as they would give an immediate visual impact and look amazing for the years to come.

Beyond the benefits they bring to wildlife, the hedgerows will play an important role on the farmland, ensuring soils remain healthy reducing the impact of drought and flooding.

Project impact

Natural flood management and water quality: The planting should help with mitigating flood risk and reduce run-off from the surrounding arable fields.

Enhancing wildlife:  By planting a mix of native trees and shrubs this site will add to the wildlife and biodiversity of the area.

Engagement, health and wellbeing: TCV had a range of volunteer helping plant trees at this site in Alkborough including both corporate volunteers and individuals who wanted to do their bit to help the environment.

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